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Topic: Big Screen Viewing of TV
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Our Church want to have big screen viewings of the Olympics i am in charge of setting this up- I'm kinda technical but this is proving difficult.

we have an I-Can Freeview HD Receiver box that has a scart rgb output. and other outputs (if you see attached picture)
we have the Sanyo PLC-XU106 projector (see specs here The projector is mounted to the ceiling so on the ground we have the following hub.

and i have an indoor Aeriel to plug into the set top box.
I bought a Scart to VGA(female)cable with gender changer
and a I also bought a Scart to Composite cable.

I plugged in the scart to VGA first into the hub but i got nothing did the same with the scart to composite and nothing.

At home the set top box works when connected to my TV when i use the provided hdmi cable - doesn't with the scart and composite (is it the scart?)in the manual it says if the scart output is being used the display should be 576pi (my projector and TV support this)

If anyone can help me with this problem i will be grateful.
or if you have a better alternative that will also be welcome. Thank You.


Back of I-Can HD Freeview Reciever

500 × 78 pixels (9.95 KB)