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Topic: Really need help! Frustrated!
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I'm having a hard time finding out why my system is getting capped to stereo.

I have a G73JH-A1 laptop with a Radeon HD5870, win7 64bits.
Sony 5.1 Channel 3D Home Theatre System (HTSS380)
BenQ W1100
119" screen.

I have the computer sending audio+video to the receiver thru a hdmi cable, which in turn sends the audio to the speakers and the video to the projector thru another hdmi cable.


When I turn on my laptop and the receiver and set up a 5.1 movie, the audio is perfect, 5.1. In windows sound panel, shows me the option to send stereo, 5.1 and even 7.1, and it automatically detects 5.1 and set as default. Even games works fine in 5.1.

As soon as I turn on my projector, it detects the signal, starts broadcasting in 1080p and sound is still 5.1. But about 5 seconds later, the image goes black for a second and when it comes back the sound is stereo. In windows sound panel, only option available is stereo. I'd thought at first that the hdmi cable was not good enough (cheap) and not carrying enough signal power, therefore capping to stereo, but after trying different cables, and the fact that for 5 seconds I do have 1080p + 5.1, made me think it might not be the cables.

Is it possible that somehow the projector and receiver are "talking" to eachother and then the receiver is sending the message back to my laptop saying "this system only supports stereo"? Cos the projector is stereo.

Is there a way to force my receiver to send video signal only to the projector?

This is driving me nutz!
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It sounds like it is a communications setting between the A/V receiver and the projector exactly as you believe. See if you can turn off any HDMI CEC communication between the projector and receiver and turn off any internal speakers, if possible, on the projector. I've never run into what you are speaking of personally within the setups I've done, but it does sound like you have hit the nail on the head.

Also check the receiver to see if it is possible to turn OFF audio pass-thru so that it isn't looking to pass compatible audio onto the next destination device.
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oh man, FINALLY!!!

A whole week trying to fix this.

The PS3 was working 1080 5.1 no problem, only the PC was getting screwed. I was sure it was the drivers, but after reinstalling everything still had stereo.

The solution was really going into the deep menu of the receiver and setting the pass thru signal.

There was only ON and AUTO at first, so I gave up, but then I went back to it and there was another option below it in the menu root to completely disable the pass thru. Firstly I thought that wouldn't work since disabling pass thru completely would cancel the video to the projector, but it DID the trick. Video still goes thru, only audio doesnt. Now I have 1080 5.1, and incredibly enough the image is a bit better (definition and colors).

So, if anybody have this problem in the future:

Go to your receiver menu, into hdmi settings, turn off the pass thru completely.

Thanks, A/V!