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Topic: Replacement for Infocus X3 - 18 projector business
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Hello. I have a business and have been using Infocus X2 & X3's for 7 years. I have 18 running at one time at about 17ft away and projecting on a 100" diagonal. These are hooked up to OLD computers and I’m converting from VGA to DVI into the projector (this is how it was originally set up). I have them running in ECON mode, so they are at 1100 lumens. I use these 12-16 hrs a day, everyday. It’s getting hard to find these, and the bulbs. They are also falling apart (mirror tube, color wheel, etc.) What would be a good alternative to these? I have so many and tend to eat through them, so initial cost and replacement bulbs are obviously a large part. I’ve been just buying them up for “cheap” and replacing when needed, but would like to look into something that will last longer, but can take the abuse. Thank for any help!
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Why not consider the new Casio series of LED/Laser based projectors? They don't use traditional lamps and should last you about four YEARS without any maintenance... at which point you will likely have to completely replace them. But, the savings in lamp costs alone will more than pay for a replacement projector at that time.

Their cheapest/smallest units are noisy, but thier mid-sized and larger projector is quieter and worth the cash.
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