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Topic: NP2000 Overheating Indicator
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I purchased a NEC NP2000 projector on auction that needed a bulb. I've installed the new bulb. However, the bulb doesn't seem to want to fire up. It will give a warming up signal for a bit, I can look into the lense and see the ballast fire up for about 15 seconds and then the power indicator blinks steady orange and the status indicator gives a two cycle red blink.

The manual indicated this is a temperature error. However, the bulb never fires up to even get the thing warmed up. The fan is blowing strong and the air it is pushing out is not warm. I have held down the help button on the projector and hoping I just needed to clear out some settings but no luck.

Anyone have any ideas for a next step. Take the cover off and vacuum the inside? Thanks for any help.
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Any updates on this matter
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These types of issues indicate that the product needs to be sent to the manufacturer. While not at all convenient, it could be a fan issue, it could be a board issue, it could be any number of things that are going on. With a projector that is 8 years old, it becomes an obvious question as to whether or not this service makes sense.

But, it could just be a couple hundred dollars or so to get it taken care of. These types of issues probably hit one in ten projectors, but as they do have fans and moving parts, at some point the projector is going to need some maintenance, and finally will break down and no longer work.
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