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Topic: Projectionist Certification
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Projector Specs
I work for a university with the IT department and would like to diversify my skills and begin to get certifications that I do not currently possess. Are there any certs that I could get which would give me the skills necessary to be a qualified projectionist? We have several large events on campus throughout the year where we use our two EikiXT5 projectors. Beyond making sure the lens is center with the screen and safe rigging practices, I do not have much experience when it comes to color matching, and other related skills. I would like to take an online course if that is available. Does anyone know of such a school or certification?
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There are a number of certifications related to AV. For video, ISF certification is good for proper projector and display setup. For A/V in general, CEDIA covers the home A/V market, while INFOCOMM hits the commercial market. Both organizations offer classes and certifications. But, most classes for any quality tend to be hands on more than online.... Yet, there is tons you can learn online.
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