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Topic: Just the wrong room for a PJ?
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I am moving to a new home (pending inspection tomorrow!) and I'm wondering if it's gonna have to be time to hang up the projector for this phase in our lives.

the only room we could really have a projector has white walls, wood panel cieling, snow-white carpeting, VERY tall ceilings...and is overall just BIG!

Another factor: this room has a sliding glass door with a lake view. it seems kind of counter intuitive to block out the view with a curtain when we have guests!

maybe I'll just have to plunk down for a plasma.

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Time for that 80" Sharp LCD!

A home theater needs the right space. Sometimes this can be accomplished in less than ideal rooms, but in the type of space you are in, at the very least a dual flat panel/projection setup is necessary.
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How about one of the big Mitsubishi DLP TV's?