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Topic: 400 disk bd player
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sony bd 400 disk player is it any good was looking for a place to store my bd and thought the carsouel would be good. or can i convert my bd into a file on a hard drive
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The Sony is a good way to do it if you want the full quality which Blu-ray offers.

If you are looking to go to a hard drive solution, then you have to be very careful as you will lose quality if you re-encode the 1080p discs to any other format. People say time and time again that certain ways are 'lossless', but when companies spend millions of dollars to ensure a movie is properly compressed and encoded for a HD disc, then the only way to properly move it to a hard drive is to copy that disc as a 1:1 copy. This works very well, but eats up hard drive space. At about 40GB per disc (average), you will only manage about 50 discs per 2TB hard drive.

I have about 300 Blu-ray Discs that I have spread across about 17TB of storage right now along with another 300 DVDs and about 2,500 TV episodes.

The only thing that I've re-encoded and taken a quality hit on are the TV shows.
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