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Topic: pt ae 7000u
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looking for a projector for my man cave/ boom boom room. i have some ambianet light and the rest can be controlled by a dimmer. was thinking for a long time about the 8350 and then 5010 and finally the pt ae 7000u decision decision what to do now. help please. the size screen would have to be 115" 2.35.1 just like the overall look of the 235 vs the big square block personal prefence. i was wondering with the pt ae7000u lens memory on a 235 screen how would regular hdtv look on the screen (no black bars please)
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HDTV is not 2.35:1, it is 1.78:1 and unless you have some actual specific reason to go with 2.35:1, then you should stick with 1.78:1.

The poor mans anamorphic setup is something I only recommend if someone is planning to get a good anamorphic lens to go with their projector or if they have an unsually wide, but short room. A 16' wide wall with 8' ceilings may be ideal for 2.35:1, but still, it must be asked if the loss in quality and resolution for a non-anamorphic lens setup is something people are willing to live with.

If you are sold on the 2.35 aspect ratio, then you will have black bars on all 1.85:1 movies and all HDTV television shows, along with the resolution/brightness drop to fill the screen with 2.35 content.
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