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Topic: Is this TV decent for the price?
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what do you think of the Westinghouse 40" Class 1080p 60hz LCD HDTV - Black (VR-4030. I am renting a place and was just going to buy a cheap 32"/720p/HD LCD but this 40" Westinghouse is on sale for $349 so for about $50 more dollars I figured the 40" was worth it. I know the contrast etc. isn't ideal but I am just looking to watch basic tv, with a good image and good sound. Not a tv I expect to have forever and I don't want to spend more than $300 for a 32" or go beyond the $349. It's at my local target and I live in the mountains so it's easy for me to grab. Any reason NOT to buy this? Thanks!
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It's very cheap, and that is what you need to remember most about it. This isn't a 'Black Friday' type of special, it's just entry level electronics built absolutely as cheaply as possible. As such, you may run into issues sooner than typical. Mostly what I've heard with Westinghouse is their power supplies tend to burn out more quickly than typical.

Still, the price is very good, and if it works for you then the TV should be fine. Make sure to look at it in action prior to purchase.
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That is very economical I must say. Nice deal you got there. Where is this store now?
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Well, from what you have mentioned in here, I must say that you are really a getting deal on this TV for the price you are ready to pay.