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Topic: used sanyo
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Sanyo PLC-XP100L
Projector Specs
Ive come across the opportunity to purchase a barely used sanyo
plc-xp-100l projector with a sanyo lnsw31a lens. I have wanted a prjector from the get-go cuz i like the movie experience and hd tvs just arent big enough for me. This particular sanyo is listed as
LARGE VENUE unit.I have looked up the throw calculater and a 10ft -15 ft throw gives me a picture in the 88" to 111" diagonal range,fine by me bigger is better.
Is there any reason this unit shouldnt or couldnt be used in my home application??
If this will give me a great picture at home,this unit was quite pricey when it was new in dec 2008 $5995 for the projector $3395 for the lens,what would be a fair price for this unit? I would still have to buy the projector mounting hardware and the screen.
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This is a very solid boardroom projector. It is not HD and is not designed, in any way for home theater use. It should still get over 2,000 dollars which would get you a good home theater projector. Don't waste your money! I mean, that projector isn't even HD!
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