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Topic: determining value of used projectors
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Hello, I am trying to determine a fair market value for an Epson Powerlite 745c projector? Any ideas on its worth would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Not very much. Maybe $100-$200 with a good lamp. No matter how much a projector initially costs, 6 years after it's out of production it's virtually worthless, just like a computer in that regard.
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eBay is always the place to get current projector values.

You can search completed auctions for the make/model you are trying to get rid of and see how much people are getting for it.

Used projectors are very often nearly worthless, and the best way to maximize the value of a projector is to take photos of it IN USE with real material.

Often on eBay you see people selling projectors and they don't show the projector running at all. Not sure how you would know if it works when there is not a photo of it.
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