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Topic: sound trouble
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recently bought a benq1000+ and im very pleased overall however the sound the comes outta it is very crapy. Looking at getting a but not sure what exactly im looking for? if that makes now theres 5.1 and 7.1 and so on ... what do i really need would like it to be loud but dont wanna break the bank. also seen would like to hook oup bass shakers to my couches. i seen 770 watts 1oo watts per chanel. do i need something this big ??
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You need to do some homework on things before you buy.

I can't imagine getting a BenQ W1000 after some of the reviews I've read, and if I were you, instead of digging around in specifications that mean nothing to you, and even less in real life, I would go to an audio specific website, such as Audioholics, and start doing some reading.

I dropped $1,400 on my subwoofer... I would guess that is more than you want to spend on your entire system.

So, you will want to consider the actual audio quality you are hoping to achieve based upon whatever budget you have set for yourself.

Systems from $500+ are available. It is better to put together a system from scratch than to buy a home theater in a box. Especially a CHEAP home theater in a box.

But, good speakers cost money.

A good alternative, if you can do it, is in-wall speakers. has 8" 3-way in-wall speakers for under $100 a pair. Get 3 pairs (one will be left over/extra) and setup a 5 channel system, then add a receiver and a decent subwoofer.

Epiksubwoofers ( has some great stuff for a very good price. But, it is ALL budget dependent.

Your budget, likewise, should be set to match your room size and your expectation for sound quality.
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