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Topic: My new Home Theater in the basement
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Here is my new home theater. using a JVC I-DLA X7 projector to which I attached a Schneider Anamorphic lens for 1:2.35 large screen display and a curved Elite screen Elite CURVE235-125W.
I ma using a

Nad T775HD (3D) Amplifier/Receiver.
Nad Master M56 HD Blu-Ray Player
Sony PS3 for reading 3D Blu-Ray
Focal Chorus 814 V/CC814/SW800/SR800 speaker

The cabinet was specially designed to host the equipment and add sone decorative items. A 2 feet space was left between the back wall and the back of the cabinet for easy access behind the cabinet to check the wiring.

The lighting is halogen recessed laamp controlled by Isteon with remote control for ramping up and down ligting so that we can control the ambiance. The walls were design with foam behind each plate so as to improve the accoustic.

The wood is natural wood designed by a special designer. I took 3 weeks for a team of 2 persons to install the design of the wood and before that 2 weeks for installing all the wiring behing the walls and ensure correct electricity supply (20 amp for the subwoofer and the amplifier).
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This is my new Home Theater in the basement in

1000 × 665 pixels (153.02 KB)

Another view of the room

1200 × 799 pixels (147.34 KB)

another view of the room

1200 × 799 pixels (196.86 KB)
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Love this setup! Very clean!
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I really like this setup. I'm just planning my own home theatre and I was thinking of using a wooden cornice to edge my pelmet also. Do you happen to know what wood that is? And what kind of stain?
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Woahhhhhh! These are some really cool pics!
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Quote (ellisael on Nov 12, 2019 10:14 PM):
Woahhhhhh! These are some really cool pics!

well that's a good setup there but Ive seen a better one at youtube the touch up using remote controlled curtains from made it even more phenomenal.
Their designs for home theater curtains are great.
The image is of another room decorated with their curtain and the video link given is for another one. Do check them both.


Theater room decor

800 × 800 pixels (100.83 KB)