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Topic: Your Expert Opinion (Festival Setup)
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Greetings all -

First time poster, but a frequenter to the website for learning and recommendations.

I am looking for some directions to my next year's step up, I wanted to start early to make sure I work out all the details.

Quick history - We have been celebrating a cultural festival for the 13th year in NC, however I joint the volunteer team last year and trying to bring the festival up a notch.

Last year we did front projection in front of the stage, it literally sucked. I hated it and decided to do something different this year, I had the right idea but my execution required some work.

Here's what I had - a 6 x 18 wide rear projection screen, the screen was sitting behind the stage. The stage width was 32' wide, we had the screen in the middle and black curtains on the left and right of the screen. It really looked pretty cool

For projection I had two Mitsubishi XD1000U projecting the same image on the screen, essentially providing the same image on both sides of the screen. I used a Mac Pro with image splitter device, the projector/splitter device was about 50 feet away from my Mac.

During dance performances I presented static images, when no one was on the stage I presented some videos and other presentations. Also, I played about 90 percent of the dance music from my Mac connected to a mixer.

I like the setup but I want it to be richer, more content and smoother execution. How can I improve on it next year? I want this to be the talk of town for a small festival on a tight budget.

So please any ideas, recommendations, ways to leverage this setup, software to play videos and music with a nice blending and smooth execution.....

Just any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,