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Topic: About 3d mapping
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Looking for a help!Could some one explain me,what is 3D mapping,how it's made,by what equipment,etc.Sorry for stupid question,but I really can't find it out!
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3D mapping is a technology that creates three-dimensional views of objects on computer screens. This type of technology is often used in modern computer programs to provide a life-like view of a place or thing on a map. Portable global position satellite (GPS) devices use 3d mapping technology to provide automated directions. These devices have small screens that display a three-dimensional view of roads and maps. This is a good tool for people who travel or hike in unfamiliar areas because the device uses satellites to pinpoint it's exact location.
You can refer to the wikipedia
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Wow! Bringing back the dead...

Your description of what 3D mapping is as it applies to front projection technology is completely and absolutely incorrect.

Your LINK is very correct, but your description is just not.

Why not read your link and edit your post?
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