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Topic: Noise in Sanyo Projection
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Sanyo PLC-XP100L
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Several of our Sanyo projectors are beginning to show "noise" in their projections. The noise appears in the form of gray and colored "snow" that looks like a still capture of television static. Even the menu options become degraded and are unreadable at times. I tried disconnecting the cabling from the projector and still saw interference in the blue screen projection.

My gut tells me it might be electrical interference of some kind...but I'm willing to entertain other options. Have you ever seen something like this before?
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It's pretty easy to test with a decent power conditioner or just an extension cable. If it appeared suddenly, across multiple projectors, then it's far more likely to be power line related. You can try an extension cord, but if all outlets have the same issue, then that won't really identify it, but that's a super quick and easy thing to do, so I'd probably go ahead and at least try an extension cord.

If the power is so dirty that it can't be easily cleaned up, then I would pull a projector, take it home, and test it there. Likewise, you can swap a 'good' projector and a 'bad' projector and see if the problem follows the projector or not.

Perhaps, but not likely, a power surge of some sort hurt several projectors at the same time. That would suck, but I don't put it beyond the realm of possibility.
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