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Topic: Sound but no picture in my HDTV
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I have a 1080 42" PHilips TV. There is no visual but only audio in my tv. Sometimes there is visual but it vanishes within a matter of few second. I don't know regarding the problem with my TV. PLEASE HELP.


42 inch 1080 Philips HDTV

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Depends on what your source is and how you have it connected. You could be using an HDMI cable with your cable box, and the cable box could be defective. It could be a DVD player and HDMI video may be disabled.

You need to provide more information about what type of connection you are making to your TV and from what source you are using. Be specific about the cables and connectivity in use.

If you are just using HDMI directly from a cable box to your TV and you have audio, but no video, then perhaps the resolution is set incorrectly on the cable box - which means it's a cable box issue that you need to set your resolution to something standard, like 1080i.

Or, perpahs the HDMI cable is of lousy quality, in which case, you should pick up a new hdmi cable from a place like for not a lot of cash.

Without more information, it is really hard to say what exactly is the issue.
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It seems that audio cables are not working well. Hence, either get a new one or borrow from one of your friend to check that if there is problem with the cable or not.