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Topic: non picky projector advice please
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Hey everyone, I just wanted to get some input from you guys about my purchasing of a new projector.

Some years ago I bought an optoma dv10 and used it with a ps3 playing blu-ray over component cable. Being a non picky viewer, I was thrilled with the picture to say the least.

Well, I was and continue to be extremely satisfied with the dv10, however, it is not currently in production anymore and I would like to purchase a new projector for my bedroom.

Obviously, now there are projectors with 3D and HDMI capabilities at very low price points.

My choices (and budgets) are the Optoma Pk301, Optoma PT100, and Vivitek D510.
The PK301 and D510 are HDMI which to me would be much more convenient to use, as well as the PK301 being 16:9 native.

My bedroom is fairly dark so low lumens would probably not be a huge issue.

Seeing as how I'm fine with the quality of something like the DV10 would any of these be comparable or dare I say better?

Thanks for your help everyone, and I can't wait to hear from you.
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Since you didn't state your screen size, I'm assuming between 92" and 110" which is typical.

As such...

The PK301 is 50 lumens, you current projector is 1,000 lumens. You not only wouldn't be happy, you wouldn't even think you owned a dim flashlight. It's a nice toy, but it is not a real projector and entirely inappropriate.

The PT100 is no different.

The Vivitek is a big step downwards in quality.

You bought a solid home theater projector for the time, and now are having issues. The price you paid may have been good at the time, but you basically have no budget to replace it now. You also have LAMP issues which will continue to come up and replacement lamps which cost more than the projectors themselves.

Cheap is stupid. Period. I know people have budgets, but there are times when you just have to look at the reality of your situation and go 'This is more than I can afford' - and this is what it sounds like to me.

START with a projector like a Optoma HD65 or HD66 and plan on replacing the lamp at 1,000 hours for about $300.

These models are about $600-$700 and are absolute entry level for usable home theater projectors. They are a comparible model to what you have currently and should provide you with years of use without issues.

I know I'm coming off harsh, but it really isn't something I like to see when people are looking for ways to throw their money away. It's better to just save your cash for the time being until you have the money that is necessary to get a proper HT projector.

Heck, I could potentially get you a Sany Z5 for about $600 new.

But, at $300 or less, you end up with, quite seriously, junk.

Also, any purchase made, you need to be aware that the analog sunset is coming and soon you won't be able to buy a PC with an analog output, and cable boxes will turn off their component HD outputs. The quality we have enjoyed, for years, via analog cabling is going away, so buying a NEW product, which is going to not work in a year or two, is not a decision that I could possibly recommend to anyone.

Just imagine that firmware upgrade to your PS3 that then makes the component output no longer work... and your projector become immediately useless.

Just some things to consider.
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