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Topic: Panny PT-AE1000U Turning off?
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My Panny AE1000U turns off a few minutes after starting up everytime.

Here are the steps.

1. Turn on projector with remote
2. Projector starts up and runs.
3. Projector turns off after a few minutes.
4. I go to the on/off switch on projector and turn it off
5. Count to 10 and turn the switch back on.
6. Turn On Projector with remote again.
7. Sometimes projector will work fine, sometimes it'll go back to step two.

Usually have to repeat these steps twice, but after the second time the projector runs fine and will run all day.

What could the problem be?

Joined: Nov 21, 2010
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Anyone? Hello?
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If there are no answers, it is usually because nobody has encountered the same issue.

I would look at your lights on the projector to see if they are flashing in any particular order, as this often indicates some sort of error has been detected and the flashing pattern would indicate specifically what error it is.

You would then need to call Panasonic for further service.
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