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Topic: How to tell copy protection on a DVD-R disc?
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Is there a particular ripper that will tell you if a disc contains CSS and/or Macrovision beforehand?

I have a DVD-R Film. For some reason I cannot copy this disc to my iPhone. It shows as invalid. I load it up in dvdfab shrink and decrypter and it either shows as odd or as some crazy small number (100mb or 15mb)

I load it up into explorer and WOW talk about structure obfuscation

It shows 421 files totaling 69.5GB clearly impossible.

Just tell me what software and how to get it and I will provide it.

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Not sure why any DVD-R would have any encryption, but you may want to down load a program from the Slysoft website called AnyDVD. It should solve any issues you may have.

I personally use Handbrake for most of my re-encodes with AnyDVD.
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