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Topic: call center use of projector
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I need to develop a solution for a help desk situation. Want to install ceiling mount projector to display help desk calls on screen.

A few challenges...throw distance is about 8-10' to the wall; the room is open cubicle set-up with flourescent light fixtures throughout; want a 4x4 or 5x5 view area

Not sure what combination of screen & projector will work especially given the lighting situation. Recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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Under normal florescent lighting plan for a minimum of 80 lumens per square foot by the manufacturers specifications. The screen size you are listing is 'small' compared to a typical presentation, so make sure it is tall enough for people to read from where they will be sitting.

Since projectors aren't 'square' (4x4 / 5x5) you need to plan for a proper screen. I would probably go with a brighter wide screen projector for this setup. I prefer 1080p projectors, but there is not nearly enough at reasonable prices will flexibility.

Sanyo has some nice 1280x800 models to consider.

This Mits may do very well...

This is a list of projectors with 3,500 or more lumens for under $5,000.

I would avoid BenQ, InFocus, and Optoma based upon quality control issues and reliability.

I would lean towards Sanyo, Mitsubishi, Epson, and NEC.

For a screen, a DaLite high contrast cinema vision (Grey, positive gain) will provide a good image for a reasonable price.

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