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Topic: Network Projection Connection Issues
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We have purcahsed a Dell 4610X projector that we want to use with a RJ45 connection. We can stream content via this connection IF we download the Dell Control Panel software to the PC.

Thing is I'd rather not have to download this to each PC that wants to host a presentation. What I'd like to do is be able to use the Windows 7/Vista feature "Connect to Network Projector" aka netproj.exe.

Problem is I have been unable to locate the projector by using this tool. Search comes up with zero results and entering the IP dosn't yield anything either. The network projector is setup with DHCP, has a valid address and I can connect to the web just seems the Windows tool cannot talk with the projector.

Microsoft has some very basic suggestions which does not help.

I was wondering if there is only certain projectors that are compatible with netproj.exe or if the projector has to be setup as a shared device on the network?

Any ideas anyone?

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Only certain projectors will work for this and it will only work in limited fashion. No full frame video or quality presentations with fine details should be expected.

Hard wiring actual video connections is still the worldwide industry standard and proper way to connect video to a projector.

Good luck.
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