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Topic: Interactive Projector
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I am a teacher in a small rural school without many frills. To date none of the classrooms have interactive whiteboards. After some research I am thinking about foregoing an interactive whiteboard and getting an interactive projector for my elementary classroom. Are there any cons to this idea?

Can anyone give me some guidance on brand name, what to look for, what to avoid, etc?

I am making this purchase with my own finances so if anyone knows a reputable place that has reasonable prices or educator discounts that would also be great information.

Since it is a personal purchase I would also like something that is portable so I can bring it home for my own use. Are there any interactive projectors that are portable?

I'm considering Epson BrightLink 450WI or Boxlight ProjectoWrite 2/W.

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I understand your requirement.I strongly suggest you may look at this option .I have seen seen this projector demo and found quite handy for the purpose.
You may also see the demo at this link

All the best

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I would throw my hat in for the Epson BrightLink 450Wi
if your room does not already have projectors.. if you do have projectors..then look at Ludias EBEAM
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I would investigate the InFocus interactive projectors. They have more than one option. If you decide that you don't want to go with the interactives, agree that eBeam by Luidia paired with whatever projector your budget will permit will give your a wonderful interactive system. If you know of someone that works with an AV company that you respect, you may want to engage them on your search.
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I myself am undergoing the same search as you - Here are my findings thus far, maybe we can consolidate our results here.

My Question:
Is there a section of the website or general term for add-ons to regular projectors to make them interactive?

My Findings:
I myself am looking at the 3M Simply Interactive:
I found the price to be $379. The only problem is I cannot find anyone who sells it!

I have also seen a product by Epson called BrightLink:
I found the price to be $630

I prefer the 3M at this point because it adds the option of being portable, while the Epson is mounted on the wall. The Ebeam looks great also, its out of my price range though (I found it to be $900, is that correct?)

How many other interactive add-ons are there? Is there a general term? I'm having difficulty with a search.
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