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Topic: denon avr-5700 vs denon avr-3802
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I am a current owner of a denon avr-3802 and have the chance to purchase the avr-5700. I won't be out more than 50 bucks after the transaction so the money to upgrade is negligible. My question is about the differences with the 2. I have looked at the specs and from what I see the only advantage the 3802 has is it is 6.1 as opposed to the 5700 being 5.1. Aside from the it seems the 5700 blows the doors off of the 3802. Am looking for a bit more power as economically as possible for my front speakers with still having the ability to have a nice 5.1 sound and with the 5700 I think I can attain that. Any comments would be appreciated.