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Topic: Nearly new surround sound
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Hi there,

I have a set of Bose surrounds speakers which i have had a few years and am going to sell. Im looking to get better sound with the money i get from the bose.

Can anyone recommend to me a reasonable speaker setup im ideally looking to get something second hand for around £300 - 500 is there anything out there anyone can recommend. Im happy for it to be a few years old and therefore falling within my price range. Basically whatever was a good 5 or so years ago that is now affordable on my budget

Im doing this as im lead to believe that bose isnt as good as i was first told they where and that i can get better sound for the same money.

Any info really appreciated

Thanks a lot,


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Harv- if im correct 500 euros - 600$... I don't know which bose speakers you are replacing but im just going by your $$$...

For that much, you really can't ask for too much... but i still believe in getting the best bang for your buck...

this setup is the best i can do for you and your budget...

Bose is a double edge sword...Most of their speakers are made cheaply, and they are portrayed as high end... Most people don't mind spending their hard earned money if the product they purchase is what it claims to be...
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This is a nice read...

People ask the same question all the time, and the low end of the spectrum for $$$ offers a lot of decent options.
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