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Topic: HT Components
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I think I'm ready to pull the trigger on buying my home theater components but before I do so wanted to put the list out here for opinions of the different items in which some of you may have had good or bad experience with.
Projector: Epson 8500UB
Screen: Dragonfly DF-92-MW (purchased on Ebay for $185!)
Receiver: Pioneer Elite SC27
Blu-Ray: Pionner Elite BDP-23FD
Speakers: NHT Super Zero's (several years old from past HT)
Center: NHT Classic 3C
Sub: NHT Sub One (several years old from past HT)
Game Sys: PS3 (purchased when first released)

Let me know your thoughts...

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Who did you get your Dragonfly DF-92-MW from? Was it a single item only or do they have more?