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Topic: Can I use projector upside-down without ceiling mount?
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I'm a first-time projector owner as of earlier today, and very excited. I just picked up an Optoma HD65 DLP at a great price. I'm about to move apartments in a few weeks, and I'm not sure how the living room will be set up yet, but I have a few preliminary questions:

(1) Is is possible to keep a projector upside-down on a high shelf (as opposed to a ceiling mount)? I wouldn't want to damage the top of it, but is there maybe something that can be attached to accomplish this?

(2) If I opt for a ceiling mount, how invasive is it to the ceiling? I don't want to do too much permanent damage, as I don't own the property.

Thanks for any help!
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As long as you aren't blocking any airflow to the projector, then you can mount it almost any way you want. So, maybe using some packaging foam like DVD players ship in and supporting the projector securely on four corners would work. Ceiling mounts are just nice because they provide angle/tilt adjustments which can be critical to proper placement.

Now, as for renting, you will want to look at the space and your contract, but you can mount a projector to the ceiling with two holes. They are larger (3/8") holes, but repairing that hole is no different than repairing the hole from hanging a picture on the wall. A dab of spackle and about 15 minutes and it looks fine.

Really, my last apartment I asked about hanging my plasma, hanging my screen, and hanging my projector and they just said: Do it! When I moved out they spackled and painted the apartment which was standard procedure for them.

If you intend to be there for more than a year, then I would go ahead and make those few holes you need as the expense of a shelf my be just as costly, or moreso for you, and really may not be what you want to do.
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