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Topic: Ceiling Mounting for AE1000u
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Hey Gang, here's a quick question. I have a 92" fixed screen that I have mounted in my basement, because I have a window on the same wall(I will put blackout on it) the top of screen is about 28" from the ceiling. I have combed a ton of forums, and some people are dead set against doing the verticle lense shift thing...I was going to drop my PJ so lens is 16" from the ceiling then let the lens shift do the rest...should I lower the PJ more??...anyones thoughts much appreciated.

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The Panasonic you have doesn't have a ton of lens shift built in and I recommend that people avoid the last 5%-10% of lens shift to help minimize any image degradation caused by the use of severe lens shift.

The image degradation should not be a huge impacter to your final result, but you may want to set the projector up, very carefully, on a ladder or other things to try different heights to evaluate the appearance.

But, I believe a foot of lens shift is a LOT for this model of projector and may be pushing the extremes of its capabilities, getting you into the 'questionable' area of the lens shift range.

If you have a mount with a standard 1.5" pipe, you may just want to try a few different lengths, which is easy an inexpensive to try out.
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