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Topic: HD-1080p Visionmax projector
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Quote (HOOD PASTOR on May 19, 2010 3:15 AM):
I've done business with Visionmax for 3 years now. (etc.)

It's a real shame that your first post was so poorly written that you completely have put off people with years in the industry.

You've been lied to and have shown your street cred. by getting suckered into a product which is not at all what is claimed, and is far worse than what you believe it is. Your complete lack of experience with products makes you a street fool, and your lack of knowledge is your own cross to bear, which you've happily slapped upon others.

The issue with cheap Chinese/Taiwanese import products is well documented, but it doesn't mean the product is lousy, it means that it is extremely deceptive, and potentially laden with significant issues.

Let's go to the Visionmax website:

1. This is a positive sign, as there is a US address and phone number, but it seems to be sales geared, not support geared. Still, good to see.

2. There are five projector models listed, four of them have HD in the name, one has 3D in the name - are any actual HD projectors?

HD-1920: No specifications, nothing! What is this thing?
HD-2K: 5" LCD panel (!!!) but no resolution, no brightness, nothing.
HD-1080P: More specs now, 5,000 lumens, 15,000:1 contrast, but no resolution listed, no additional specifcations at all.
HD-1080i: No specs, no HDMI input, but has an iPod dock! Woo-hoo, an iPod video cable is $50 and works with any projector, why is this thing worth the listed $6,500 MSRP?
3D-1000: What the heck is this? 8,000 hour lamp, and 15,000:1 contrast? What else?

3. Where is the actual specifications for these projectors?

4. Where are cut sheets for these projectors?

5. Where are owner's manuals (PDFs) for these projectors?

6. What is the model of the replacement lamps for these projectors?

7. What is the warranty on these projectors?

8. Why do they have the incredibly artificially inflated, and well publisized price on these projectors?

9. Their screens are a complete lie. 80"x60" screen, is claimed to have a 16:10 aspect ratio. These guys can't do simple math. Also, the going price on a DaLite 100" screen is from $100 to $200, the MSRP on this site for their screen is $1,000. Once again, deceptive it's crap.

10. Their logo at the bottom of their description page, bottom right, it's a STRAIGHT ripoff of the Digital Projection logo. DP is a respected manufacturer, they are trying to confuse a quality product with their junk.

11. Why is there not a single accessory listed under their accessory page?

12. Who services the projector if I have issues?

13. Other places reporting this as a white van scam...

13. Where is the picture of YOU with the projector? I see a picture of some random guy talking, but not of a projected image, or of the projector itself. Is it even real?

14. Where is a single professional review? If these are so awesome, then the manufacturer just needs to send in any of their 'great' models to have it reviewed. Projector Central and Projector Reviews are both major projector review sites who would be more than happy to put out an HONEST evaluation of this 'great' product.

15. Paramax: Sister white van company? Why is it that the picture of the warehouse is exactly the same, the website looks the same, the projector looks the same, but the address is different? Is there ANYTHING about this company that isn't a scam?

16. Don't play us for fools. It's extremely suspicious when someone without proper netiquette gets on and vehemently defends a product but doesn't appear to have any understanding of what a product should actually be.

This product may work, it may even be half decent, but the company itself is suspect, and maliciously deceptive. For $500 (or less) a person can buy a brand new projector from a major manufacturer with a full warranty and understanding of support. This company offers absolutely nothing, and the information out there supports them as a nothing company, not as a company looking out for its customers.
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Well said AV_Integrated, perhaps HOOD PASTOR drives a white van.
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The addresses on the websites of VisionNax and Paramax are not for the building shown.
Each address goes to a private mail box.
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That should be a HUGE Red flag right there.

Quote (SPreston on Jun 12, 2011 3:03 PM):
The addresses on the websites of VisionNax and Paramax are not for the building shown.
Each address goes to a private mail box.

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VisionMax Projectors are a 100% scam. I would not pay $25 for the "HD 1920" projector I am testing right now. Luckily, I have only come across this projector by a friend lending it to me. She has not used the projector before, as her father gifted it to her (he probably bought it originally or was given it as well). I'm not really excited to have to break the news to her.

DONT BUY this projector. There are far too many warning signs before you even turn on the projector. There is horrible english use on the box and a strange amount of emphasis on a small remote control, as if that were the highlight of a projector? Hah!

Their website has a picture of a slick-looking projector that they don't even sell.

The projector is working, but it only plays in black and white and the picture is pixelated, has lines, and it just all-around horrible. I am a video editor and my videos are played on very nice projectors at events, so even though I don't know projectors like the back of my hand, this one is bad enough that I don't need to be an expert to know.

Sorry for the bad news to anyone hoping to fix their problem This product was made in Asia as far as I can tell. (they are technical geniuses of course, but that also means some of them will be able to make lots of money by scamming us with cheap products that only half-work.)
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The box & projector

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