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Topic: Is a DVDO scaler still make a difference?
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I use DVDO scalers since my first projector and i always been very satisfied of the results. Presently my setup consist on a Sanyo Z5, DVDO VP30, Pioneer Elite DVD DV-59AVi, HD cable box, Pioneer Elite A/V receiver VSX-49TXi with 7.1 Monitor Audio Silver speakers kit.

I have the intention to go 1080p with a new projector and a blu-ray shortly but not sure if my VP30 will stay. Is anyone could give me advices with the need or no need of a scaler.

If a good scaler still give a much better picture, do i need to change for a newer model (1.3b deep color....)?? Is the scaler of a highend A/V receiver like Integra could be an alternative and a better investment for my overall system?

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