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Topic: Newbie: simulate screen portion on smaller LCD to see how big fonts will look like when presented?
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sorry for the newbie question, i am trying to understand what size would fit best a large meeting room, using and specs of the screens I am considering I calculated the screen size, dot pitch, etc... of a few Plasma screens in various sizes (50, 85, 103, 150) and this gave good suggestion on optimal screen placement and viewing distance.

Screen specs tell me what amount of space the image will take on the wall, but what I would like to do is simulate what the screen will look like (at least a portion of it) using a smaller screen. What I want to do is to display in a slide text with exactly the same size it would have on the larger ones to see how readable the slide is on the different screen sizes.

What would be the easier way to calculate how text scales when changing screen size? Need this to prepare a sample ppt with slides for actual, 42, 50, 85, etc... inch plasma displays? Has anyone something similar to this ready?