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Topic: Are DIY Anamorphic Lens a dead end?
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Like many, I'm in the boat where I just can't currently afford an anamorphic lens. I've been googling "DIY anamorphic lens" and have mostly found website articles and forum entries concentrated around 2007 time frame. It makes me think that this was a big topic a few years ago, but turned out to be a technical dead end. If I'm mistaken, can somebody point me to some recent information.
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Why is it people don't make eyeglasses?

The answer seems simple, and it applies to the same concept of making an anamorphic lens.

Making a quality lens is not only VERY difficult, it's extremely expensive.

People are jumping all over the 2.35 CIH setup bandwagon, but quite often it's a poor decision, and poor optics will devastate the quality of your image.

The zoom method is 100% what people should do if they do not have the budget for a good anamorphic lens.

Keep in mind even 'decent' anamorphic lenses may cause enough issues to be more harmful to the image than just zooming the image in to fill a 2.35 screen.

I only recommend 2.35 CIH setups in two ways:

1. Get a VERY good anamorphic lens which has been professionally designed and individually tested for quality and make sure it is installed on a good sled mount (motorized or manual) in front of the projector.

2. Use a projector with enough zoom to handle double duty of 2.35 and 1.78 screens. The Panasonic AE4000 is by far the best example of this capability on the market right now.
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