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Topic: Wanting to play a wide-dimension movie split into 3 projectors via expansion module.
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I am currently creating a 3072x768 (3 projector screen wide) movie that would be played on a laptop which would be hooked to an expansion module and then to 3 projectors capable of vertical/horizontal keystoning.

I am having trouble figuring out the right type of playback and compression for this kind of movie (originally was going to use mpeg2 dvd, but have been getting criticism for that decision). I am working in after effects. I've been told recently that 3072x768 might cause some problems so i was advised to work in 2160x480. So, I've decided to create the movie for both dimensions to be safe. The movie is no more than 10minutes long and includes images and renders of fairly high quality. there perhaps may be wma videos throughout but that would depend on how it would turn out.

the physical space would be 9meters wide and height being proportional to the aspect ratio.

I am having difficulty finding great advise, as you may know im still at a stage where i could change how i'm working to save the exhibition i am creating this movie for. I wish to maintain the equipment setup (laptop, module, 3 projectors) unless it is a big problem in itself..

thank you for your time and help =)
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I think you have to test things before you get to far along. I would have stuck (personally) with the original resolution as using three 1024x768 projectors (cheap) yields the final resolution you are after.

What I'm not sure of is if you should be making one file or three files. I would think that the final file should be a SINGLE video file at 3072x768 which is then played via a SINGLE player which crosses all three video outputs.

This way you won't, and can't, have sync issues and you won't need to try to figure out how to get three players going in three windows at the same time - you would just play through a single player across all three windows with one file.

My biggest concern or question comes from the hardware configuration side and the capability of the software to properly display across all three windows smoothly.

An external video card may be fine, but may not have the speed required to deal with the video file.

I'm not sure what the complain is with MPEG2 as it is not as processor intensive as MPEG4 or the newer CODECs which may be something you need.

In my experience, it takes a REALLY good processor to decompress larger MPEG4 files on the fly and give good results. So, I would recommend that your initial focus be on creating a short clip and mocking it up to ensure it works properly.

You MUST not keystone the projectors in your setup if you want this to work right. Make sure you put the projectors where they belong and to line them up very carefully - nearly perfectly. Plan to spend hours (and hours!) getting the color balance to be close between the three projectors as well.

The projection side is the least of what I would consider a concern.
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