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Topic: Speaker Wiring for New Setup
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Hello, I've just started assembling my new Home Theater. I have received the speakers and subwoofer, and am awaiting the receiver. However I have yet to purchase wiring for the speakers and for the subwoofer. I am aware that there are different gauges and quality of wire, and was wondering if there was a standard which I should try and meet or stay above. Any help at all would be wonderful

The speakers are from Boston Acoustics Classic Series. I have purchased 2 front floor-standing speakers for right and left channel, the center speaker of that series, as well as the two bookshelf for rear right and rear left. The subwoofer is a BT1100 300-watt. The receiver is an Onkyo TXSR876, which seems to have a fair amount of power.

The room is about 25' x 40' and the screen is at one end of the room on the shorter wall. Only half of the room is going to be dedicated to the theater so the bookshelf speakers would have to go somewhere along the wall halfway down the room. If an image is needed, I can sketch one up quick to show you the layout of the room. So basically I'm wondering about the speaker wire, and the cable from the sub to the receiver. Again thanks!

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If you can wire in-wall, then do so.

Either way - this is where you go...

That'll get your main/surround/center speaker.

Then get the right length for the surround...
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