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Topic: fixed screen placement on wall
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Quote (RunAway on Jul 9, 2009 7:29 PM):
also don't worry about keystone much...I've been using it for a long time and it doesn't bother me a bit. Still looks wonderful.

Not to stir the pot but I just can't bring myself to do that. I faced the same problem and once I used keystone I really thought it hurt the quality of the picture too much.

I had to compromise and use a low table setup which of course is not ideal since if someone gets up during the movie they will block your view.

I know the person has not stated what type of source they are using, but if they are trying to display something in HD the keystone really hurts the picture.

Simply stated....and as it seems AV constantly advises... if there are going to be mounting dificulties then an LCD is the way to go.

If you're doing DLP you really need the ceiling height or have to be willing to use table placement. I went with the table mounting and the picture is stunning. With the sealed light engine I haven't had to worry about dust blobs and cleaning the lens is simple. As stated the drawback is someone can block the screen if they get up. But if you think about it there is a review/rewind button, if you go to the movies it seems to never fail that someone gets up and blocks your view anyway, and finally just make sure when you set down everyone already has enough snacks and cola....Of course there is nothing you can do about restroom breaks. Though it comes in handy in my theater setup the restroom is on the right side of the projector so folks can go without walking in front of the screen.
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I don't necessarily advocate LCD - I just advocate against keystone correction if possible.

The new Sharp (I believe) only has a few inches of offset, which is great for a lot of setups for a fixed lens situation DLP model.

Still, if you have no choice, it is nice that it doesn't make the product completely worthless.
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