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Topic: Projecting over Network
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We have our Viewsonic PJD6240 connected to our LAN and can read it from different PCs. But we can only do basic controls remotely like power on/off, etc. When we bought a 'network ready' projector we thought we were getting something that could simply be connected to the network through RJ45 and then we could just choose any PC on the LAN and send that image to the projector. But looks like that's not possible with this projector and the software that came with it. The customer service for viewsonic is non-existent and I could find this problem's solution on the wide open internet so here I am! Please help!
BTW we are learning that Vista has a simple built in utility that would let us do this, but all of our PCs are XP! Nowhere in the projector's documentation does it state that Vista is required.
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You should have read the specs first. Very few projectors have the capability of taking an image for projection over the LAN. And even then, it is only good for static images, not full-motion video. The bandwidth just isn't there.

The spec sheet for the projector says...

"Network control through RJ-45
Schedule, manage and monitor the projector remotely and receive e-mail alerts of projector and lamp status."

Nothing about projecting through the LAN. Connection is still going to be through the VGA port.