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Topic: High End Old vs Low End New
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I currently have a Denon 2803 reciever. It works fine but I'm going with a new 1080P projector and Blu Ray. The 2803 has now HDMI inputs and does not support the nw formats. If I upgrade to the 2809 model it does but is costs $1200. I can get the 1909 for $500 which also does. If I don't have $1200 to spend, I'm I better of keeping my old 2803 or getting the 1909?
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Upgrading components is a personal choice. Denon has added far more than just HDMI inputs with newer receivers, and while you may get a boost in power (minimal) you may also get networking capabilities, better audio setup (Audissey), and more inputs overall.

Yet, it's a significant chunk of money to get a new receiver. Keep in mind that the 2809 is at the END of the model year and should be available for well under the listed MSRP from most retailers, or go with an etailer and save a good deal more.

I personally struggle with the same issue, but the only reason you MUST go HDMI is because you want/need the HD audio capabilities from it.

An external HDMI switcher and a decent universal remote can do as much as a receiver if you aren't using the HD audio.
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