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Topic: Screen Dilemma
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Another great option for a fixed frame screen that is very comparable to the Da-lite quality and prices is the Draper Onyx. It is my personal favorite because it has an attractive wide black frame and it allows for a little tensioning to pull the screen tighter as it loosens over the years. Fixed frame screens are definitely more of an investment than a manual pull down is, but they are worth it! Good luck.
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I've got a 92" Da-lite cinema vision and am quite pleased with it.

The black velvet border is very good at absorbing light spilling off the picture.

I chose to go with a standard white in place of the high contrast screen using the logic that my screen will outlast my projector, and standard white should work for all projectors.
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Go to the carada web site ( and send them an email. They will be happy to send you samples of each of their screen materials and you can compare for yourself. They will also give you their suggestions, if you ask.

A lot will depend on how big a screen you decide on -- the smaller the screen the brighter the image and the less screen gain you will need. I prefer to run in the low lamp mode on a large screen, so I lean towards higher gain screens.
- Claus
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