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Topic: Need help finding the right software
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I'm quite stuck and could really do with someone's help. I'm running a promotion for a small company at a public event and I need to find the right software for the task. I basically need a software that I can run on a projector (as a second screen) from my laptop which will show up pictures on the screen, but we will be going round during the event and taking photos, so I need to be able to add pictures to the loop of the presentation without interrupting the display on the screen. We also need to display a consistent header and footer on the presentation all the way through.

Sounds simple enough but every software I've tried just doesn't seem to be able to do this specific task.

Any help you guys can give would be great, thnx.
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Sounds more like something to ask in a PC forum, not a projector forum as a projector is nothing more than a monitor for your PC.

I would personally be thinking of setting up a wi-fi network then use one of the wi-fi enabled SD cards which will automatically upload photos to your hard drive as you take pictures.

Then, using a program like Macromedia Flash and some other web server product, I would likely run it as a dynamic script which would look at a folder on the computer (getting the photo feed) and set to display them in date order.

There may be far better solutions out there, but I'm not a PC programmer, and I haven't done any homework on this.

Good luck.
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Actually, I find the query was "presented" in the appropriate forum, "Presentation Software and Tools".

There is a huge listing of presentational type software available. Just do a Google search for presentation software or worship software, either works. Whether you are ministry oriented or not, the worship software is amongst the best available presentation software available.

Check out :
Easyworship at
Liveworship at
ProPresenter at
MediaShout at

All of these will allow additions to pictures and/or video to your presentaion "on the fly". I'm not positive that they all allow for header and footer consistency.

Hope this helps.
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There are minimum laptop specs for each of the software listed and all of them will place a drag on your laptop to some extent. There has been alot of competition between these software products and all of them are becoming memory hogs, as they try to outdo each other. A lack of good video card, slow processor, programs running in the background, etc., will all have an affect on your video stream to the projector.
Serving the Church in North America since 1987