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Topic: Question about scaling
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We have a projection system that is routed through a Datavideo SE-500 live switcher. The main sanctuary camera is on 1 and the worship software, EasyWorship 2009 is on 2 with the dvd on 3 and 4 is open. The problem is that anything coming out of the computer to the switcher seems smaller than the camera or dvd player. We use S-Video out on the computer to the switcher, same with the camera and DVD. The Camera image fills the screen, like its 1024 x 768 but the computer image looks as if its 640 x 480. What am I missing? I have adjusted the output settings on the computer, still the same thing. Is there a part or some type of video scaler that I need?

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If all your connectivity is composite video (yellow) or s-video, then you are ONLY sending 480i video to the switcher.

The issue with the size is because of the computer settings, nothing else.

My guess would be is that you are playing with the PC resolution and other stuff, but then you are using a lousy S-video connection to try to feed video.

You can set your computer to 10,000 x 8,000 resolution if you want, but the most S-video will EVER deliver is 480i resolution.

So, you want to crank the resolution down to 640x480 and then adjust the s-video output of the computer if at all possible.

It is far better to use VGA out of a computer if at all possible and switch inputs on the projector to get a good image up on screen. There are products which can handle this type of mixed video which includes VGA and low-res video seamlessly.
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