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Topic: Video Card Output
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I note that the Panasonic outputs in its native format at 1920 x 1080. When constructing an HTPC, do I need to use a video card that has that capability or will the projector take whatever signal is given via the HDMI and "upscale" the image to the 1920 size?
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I imagine that you meant to link to the AE3000 not the AE300...

You are correct that the Panasonic will take any number of different resolutions (see the owner's manual) and it will convert them to fill the screen.

But, it is always best to get a video card which can actually output the native resolution and can do it using HDMI/DVI. This is actually really inexpensive these days as you can get video cards which should be able to do this for under $100 pretty easily.

Something like this gives you HDMI directly and supports 1080p.
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