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Topic: Denon 3808 Receiver
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Does anyone have any experience with this receiver? I have a Panasonic AE3000 projector and was hoping to get a good A/V receiver that has very good HD capabilities along with upscaling. I did some online research and this receiver does appear to be among some of the most popular home theatre receivers but I like to see all of my options before I make my purchase.

I plan on hooking up a non-HD satellite receiver, Blue Ray DVD player and Wii. Picture and sound quality are paramount to me. I do not have any speakers picked out yet so any advice on these would be appreciated as well.


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The 3808 is a very good receiver, but you should match the receiver to the budget of your room.

I would also consider that if you intend to watch TV in the room at all, you are better off gettting a lesser expensive A/V receiver and getting a HD satellite receiver.

A/V receivers are far more about getting the best audio out of your system, and secondarily going to do some video processing. But, a good source is a good source - and there is little that the receiver will do to improve upon a bad source.

I would get a Panasonic BD35 with that receiver and HD satellite, and would do some serious speaker shopping. I would not spend $1,000 on my receiver and then $1,000 on speakers - that's WAY to little on speakers for WAY to much on the receiver.

So, please in mind that better speakers will sound better with a cheaper receiver than cheap speakers will sound with a good receiver.
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