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Topic: AV X-to-2 distribution (does what I'm looking for exist?)
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I'm new to this, and I've been searching for some kind of switcher / receiver that will meet my needs for several days now, but haven't found what I am looking for.

I have two computers with dvi output that I would like to be able to display on the projector. (no problem, but...) When not displayed on the projector, I would like them to display on a normal computer monitor (dvi). It's the second part that I'm not seeing a product that will accomplish. Basically, I want a "swapper" not a "switcher". There are affordable X-to-2 switchers out there, but they send the selected input to *both* outputs, which is not what I need.

To complicate things, I want to do the exact same thing with the audio.

The closest product I have been able to find is Pyle's PLVSC44. Unfortunately, this device deals with composite video and stereo audio. If there were an equivalent device that didn't require downgrading the audio and video, that'd be perfect.

Here's a link to Pyle's 4-to-4 AV selector (note, I only need 2 outs -- I currently only have 2 inputs):

I would very much appreciate suggestions on how I might accomplish what I described here.

PS: Many thanks to the people responsible for this site and the community here. This is my first post -- but over the last few weeks the information here has been invaluable for educating myself about these things.

Follow-up: A few hours after my initial post, I stumbled upon a kind of device I hadn't seen yet, HDMI matrix switcher's. There are many on the market and a 2x2 or 4x2 are would do what I want.

Sadly, I would also need to purchase devices to combine the DVI+SPDIF into HDMI on the input side (x2), and then on the output side devices to split it back out (x2).

Given the surprisingly high price tag on such devices, I am strongly leaning towards simply making sure that the necessary connections are easily accessible and manually switching what's plugged in where when I want to change which computer is being used in which room.
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