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Topic: Wireless Projector for MAC osX
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I’m installing a conference room setup and the concept was that anyone who comes for a meeting can connect to the projector wirelessly to show presentations.

Now that “anyone” must include MAC users. Does anyone know of a projector that will actually connect and display MAC osX wirelessly. That new Mac Air has been purchased by 3 of the users of this conference room already.

I know about the WMS 100, but that only accepts screen capture images. That is not really good enough as it will NOT display video at all.

Any Mac users out there can help?
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Wireless is a myth. Video, especially high bandwidth computer video, needs a hard wired connection for decent performance.

While there are some 'wireless' solutions, they generally require that something still be plugged into the computer for operation.

I'm not sure what you've found that claims full resolution compatibility with all PCs via wireless, but I can tell you that $5,000 Sanyos, which are one of the most common install projectors, are definitely NOT compatible with all PC resolutions as it is, and sure as heck aren't wireless.
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[How about WiJET.GMac, but I m not sure whether that product is still available!!
let me know if you get it