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Topic: PT-AX200U with Blu Ray
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Hey guys- I just mounted my PT_AX200U in the basement ceiling approx 13ft from screen (92 diag). I was expecting a very clear picture with DVD but it looks rather grainy compared to my old Sony projector. Kinda of bummed. So im considering going to Blu ray. Can anyone recommend a good Blu ray DVD player that works well with Pany projector? Any limitations as far ar HDMI run? etc...
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Almost any Blu-ray player will do a pretty good job. The cheaper players won't have the same compatibility with advanced audio formats and will be slower. But, despite this, the Insignia (Best Buy) has still received pretty positive reviews and is under about $250.00

The PS3 is still a class leader in overall performance with fast loading times, advanced features, and, hey look, it plays HD video games!

The Panasonic BD50 is one of the best players, period. But, doesn't handle regular DVD as well as some of the really nice players do. Of course, when you spend $2K+ for a Denon or Pioneer Elite, you should expect that level of performance across the board.

You should not have HDMI issues with a well made HDMI cable at or under about 50 feet.
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