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Topic: Screen size and distance??
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I just purchased Dell 1409X for my wifes classroom. Dimensions are 24'x24' with 9' drop ceiling. Need recommendation on screen size, ceiling mount and distance between projector and screen?

Thank you!
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Use the calculator on this site to determine screen height for viewing distance.

I would do some measuring but you likely want between a 100" to 120" diagonal screen for this room. You don't want the bottom of the screen so low that seated students can't see the bottom edge. Then it can be run all the way up to ceiling height (9 feet).
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AV_Integrated is right about the ideal screen size for your maximum viewing distance, but I doubt you'll want to use a screen as tall as 69-72". The truth is that, unless you have the resources to get into removing part of the ceiling to recess the screen above it, the top of your useable projection surface is more likely going to be about a foot below it. If you are hanging this over a whiteboard, you're going to have to hang the screen off the wall 4" so the fabric can clear the marker tray. If you flush mount a pair of brackets up against the ceiling tiles, and skip using the S hooks, hanging the screen housing D-Rings right on the brackets' eye hooks, now the bottom of the housing is already about 7" below the ceiling. If your screen is masked, you have about 5" of black below the housing. I'd recommend a screen rated at 80x60 for a 4:3 image or 93x57 for a 16:10 image.