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Topic: Remote Codes & Niles IR Flasher
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I am almost done with my theater setup (will post pictures soon), but have run into a few minor problems on remote automation. Maybe you could guide me in the right direction here:

1. DirecTV remote: I'm trying to replace my DirecTV HD DVR remote functions with my Onkyo semi-universal remote but have not been able to find the 4 digit code for the RC64 remote - all of the DirecTV remote forums I've found pertain to finding codes to program into the RC64 to replace other component remotes (the opposite of what I'm trying to accomplish).

2. Has anyone had problems with Niles IR flash equipment? The signal strength is such that I have to be very close to the remote sensor to register a signal and even then, remote control functionality is hit or miss. I have already replace batteries in the remote and have used the supplied covers to completely cover the IR flash signal on the various A/V components located in the closet.