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Topic: help with progressive scan and BenQ PB6100 projector
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i need help on this issue:
i have a BenQ PB6100 projector, its conected to my dvd player with a componnent to vga cable.

when playing a regular dvd movie the picture is ok, the projector shows that the source is analog 50hz yuv.

when i press once on the "progressive scan" button on the dvd remote the picture turns pink and the projector shows "rgb" source.

another press on the "progressive scan" button, the projector shows an improved image and Y´PbPr source, but the pictuure is fklickering and after 2 seconds the projector changes to analog 50hz 720X576 Y´PbPr, and there is no picture but very bright pink screen.

how can i see an improved picture in "progressive scan" from my dvd player on my projector?