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Topic: Proxima DP6155 Projector
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I just purchased a Proxima DP6155 Projector from eBay. This unit did not come with a remote control, but it appears that it can be controlled by my PC. I have USB cable to connect it to my laptop, but I cannot locate the software needed to manage this unit.

I've checked Proxima, Infocus (bought out Proxima) and Ask C105 (same projector marketed under a different name) websites, and I am not having ANY luck!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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You could probably get a decent universal remote for this projector and do things that way. I'm not sure of the control or anything else with this projector, but what exactly are you looking to do?

I personally would find the IR codes at some place like and get a remote that works with the display and go from there.

USB control or serial control on a projector that is 7+ years old in design is not something I would place a lot of faith in really.

Hope you didn't pay more than 100 bucks or so for it.
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