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Topic: Help! Projector picture has lines
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I recently purchased a used projector and all in all I am very happy with its performance, BUT I am picky and have noticed one or two scrolling bars that cycle through my seven foot hockey game. These lines are most notably seen when the screen is black or white. I was told it might be a wiring issue, but am not sure of what to do or where to start to correct it. Your expertise and comments are appreciated.

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Scrolling lines can be caused by a number of things
1. Are you using a laptop? if so unplug the power supply and see if this is still occuring.
2. Are you using long VGA cables? the shorter the better
3. Do your VGA cables run next to power? if so move.
4. Try different power points which in some cases can be on diffrent circuits.
5. Try a different device on the unit and see if it is still happening.

There is no quick fix but by just going through a process of elimination your should be able to resolve

Good luck